Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Molly is 5!!!!

Wow another year has come and gone... And my baby girl is now 5!! Molly I hope you had a fun filled day, and know that we love you so much!! We are so glad you are in our family!!! So here is to being 5, you get to start kindergarten :( and experience a lot of new fun things!!! WE LOVE YOU MOLLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
(p.s molly has been a angel so far, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that 5 is the magical number!!)

Sleep tight my little birthday girl, for tomorrow you will be 5!!!

The traditional decorating of her bed room while she is asleep!

Oh the presents!

Molly being a nice big sister, and letting sawyer help open her presents!

Molly in her new birthday dress.. going to church


Kayla R. said...

So CUTE JESS!!! We LOVE you Molly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) I have really cute pics from Thanksgiving point i will email ya!

Collin Loni and CY said...

What a little sweetheart! Happy Birthday Molly! You have such cute traditions for your kids!!

Mark and Stacey Roylance said...

I can't believe she is 5 and going to school!! Thats just nuts! Happy birthday molly!! :)

Lid said...

That is so cute how you decorate her room for her birthday. What a cute mom.. Hope she had a good birthday. :)

Molly Zamboni said...

I might have to start decorating my boys room! Cute idea!

Harrisons said...

Wow 5! She is so stinkin beautiful. Wish we got to play with her more!