Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Nightmare Came True!!!

You can't tell in the pictures, but I had to cut it to about the ear!!!

So one of my biggest nightmares came true yesterday!!!! I was at work, when I got a call from my mom, she said " the worst thing that could happen, just happened!" I started to cry. I knew exactly what had happened. I said " Molly cut her hair!!!!!" Then there was silence!!!!! At that moment I started to sob, bawl, freak out, what ever you want to call it!
(As many of you know, molly's hair is one of my obsessions, my love !!! It was so thick, long and beautiful!!!!!
So up to Nana's house I went to asses the damage!!! As soon as I saw her, my heart dropped!!!! It was worse than I had imagined!!! So after many tears(both me and Molly),I had to chop her beautiful hair off!!!!!!! (and it still doesn't look great, there was nothing I could do to fix some of the layers Molly, and her cousins created!!!)
It was a bad, bad moment in my mommy life!!!!
(I thought by now I would be O. K. but as I am typing this, the tears are starting to flow AGAIN!)
I have to keep telling myself it is only hair!!!! It will grow back!!!! It is only hair!!!
Molly now wishes she could have her "blonde, princess hair back", and so do I !!

Well what it done is done, so here goes the process of growing out a really bad haircut!!!