Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My favorite things swap!

So a little while back I decided to play "my favorite things swap". What it is, is you are paired up with someone you have never met, and you send them some of your favorite things, and in return they send you some of their favorite things!
I was paired up with Julie from West Virgina, and It was so fun opening everything she sent. I got a little glimpse of who she is, and of course what she loves!!!

Here is the spread she sent me!!! It was so fun unwrapping everything she sent along with a little note explaining what she loved. I feel bad, I didn't individually wrap!! Sorry:(

She sent Dr. pepper, a inspiring book, sudoku, magic eraser, gum, pop tarts, a fun saying on a tile, a magic marker, eye liner, a candle, picture frame,stationary, notebook, and sunflower seeds to plant.

Julie loves her state West Virgina!!!

Thanks Julie that was so much fun!!! I loved learning a little more about you!!!!Please keep in touch!!!!