Friday, May 30, 2008

Scarlett Elizabeth Wright is Here!

My sister Marisa just gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Scarlett! She weighed in at a whoppin 10.10 oz. yeah that's right I didn't type that in wrong 10.10 oz. and 21 inches long! I am so proud of my sis who (crazily) pushed out that baby with out a epidural!!! OUCH!!! She is a tough little cookie!!! We love you Scarlett and are so glad you are here!!!

Was someone just talking about me?
I am so sleepy!

Oooh she is giving here auntie kisses already!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Molly's Graduation

Preschool Graduation!!!

Molly had her 1st preschool graduation on Friday, and it was so cute!!! They sang songs, did nursery rhymes, got there diplomas, etc!!! I am proud of Molly for actually cooperating(she has been a stink lately) And thank you Miss Misti!!! You are a sweet, caring, and fun teacher!!! So here's to one graduation down,and many, many more to go!! Hooray!!!
Molly and her cute little friend Kadence!

Sam, Holden, Molly and Miss Misti
No I won't smile!!!
Maybe a cookie will make her cooperate
After a snack she was ready to smile again!!!
Can I just tell you how relieved I am that this woman finally graduated from preschool, she was starting to scare some of the kids!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun at Tibble Fork

We had a fun time up a tibble fork! We had a picnic, threw rocks in the lake, looked for squirrels, and had fun just being together!!!
Mamma's Boy!

Daddy's little girl!

Silly faces are so fun!

Finding really cool rocks!

Now throw them in the lake!

Having a Picnic!

Having fun good ol' fashion family fun!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guess Who's Crawling?

SAWYER IS!!!! Sawyer is growing up so fast he already has 2 teeth, rolls over like a fish, eats like a champ, and yep that's right he started crawling!! I set him down and usually he can get to what he wants by rolling and turning, but today he pushed up into a push up position and lunged himself forward, and started doing a cute little army crawl!! I am so excited for him, but now I really have to start child proofing the floor!!!
Look at me!!

I think I can!!!

I think I can!!!

I got it!!

When I was typing this, he crawled over to see me!!! Hooray!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What did I get myself into?

Remember a couple of posts back when I did the pay it forward challenge, Yeah anyways the point of the game is to keep having people pay it forward, then their 3 people pay it forward etc. Back to the point,you are suppose to make a homemade gift! I had all of these grand ideas to give my 3 people, but have just realized I am So Not Crafty!!! It looks easy and simple but when it gets into my hands some how I screw it up!!!
I decided how cute would it be to make fun planter pots with cute paper, and add some kind of cute flower. Sounds easy right
Example (looks cute from far away) (thanks Karen for the plant visual)

But up close hideous!!!

So here goes attempt number 2! I think I can be crafty, I think I can be crafty, I think I can be crafty!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Baby Is 6 Months Old!

Sawyer is 6 months old!!! Where does the time go? I am so blessed to have this sweet little boy boy in our family!!! here are a few things I love about sawyer!!!
1. He is such a good, happy baby!
2. I love the way he smiles even when woken up from a nap!
3. I love how he wants to touch my face while drinking his bottle!
4. I love the way he gets shy when you say his name, he will hide his face then pop right up and give you a huge grin!
5. I love his cute little teeth(2)to be exact, Once again so cute to see when he smiles!!
6. I love his belly laughs!!! Molly can get him rollin!!!
7. I love the way he get so excited and does his whiplash dance in his exersaucer and highchair! Soo funny!!! I will have to record and post it!
8. I love that he is good to his mommy and sleeps through the night!
9. He is a good eater! He eats alot, but I love it!
10. I love the sweet spirit he has brought into our home and lives!
I could go on and on there is so much I love about sawyer!

How can the ladies resist this face!

I am getting so big I need a power nap!

Just hangin with my peeps!

What A big boy am I!