Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I am thankful for.......

On this wonderful Thanksgiving day, I would be so selfish if I didn't stop and take the time to realize how blessed I am and how much I should be thankful for. So I decided to write a little list :)

1. My wonderful husband and children who make my life busy, but fill me with more joy and happiness than I thought could be possible.
2. My wonderful family (who keeps life interesting, but is always there to support and comfort me!!)
3. A warm beautiful house I get to wake up to every morning.
4. Technology(Internet, cell phone, computer, etc. (makes life so much quicker)
5. My health(knock on wood) I am so blessed to have a healthy body that can do anything I put my mind to!
6. Christmas lights! (If it were up to me it would be a law that Christmas lights have to stay up year round!)
7. Good friends who are always up for an adventure, and are always there for me!!
8. California!!! You are always an escape from life's daily routines, and I am excited to visit you next week!!!
9. Cars... Once again making life so much easier.
10. television that always keeps me in the know :)
11. Cute accessories, they help make any outfit just a bit cuter!!!
12. Orange rolls :) (no explanation needed)
13. crafty people who inspire me to become crafty.
14. Cafe Rio (you help me out time after time, when cooking doesn't sound fun!)
15. recipe club,bunco, and other spontaneous GNO'S !!!
16. Music, it can always lift my spirits, run faster, dance the night away,and feel me with peace.
17. Holidays :)
18. Traditions :)
19. funny jokes and people.
20. My loving heavenly father (who loves me regardless how many mistakes I make!)

Thank you list for making my life what it is (Very Very happy)!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My baby is 2!!!

You are my best friend, your my little man. Where ever we go we are hand in hand. You are so special more than you will ever know, I love to see you play and grow! You are so sensitive and good natured by heart, You are silly, and funny and oh so very smart. You love to play and laugh and run,I love to see you having fun. I am so glad that you are mine, you teach me by example to be more Christ like and kind!!

Happy birthday to you my sweet baby