Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My little Jingle Belle!

Molly had her Christmas dance performance on monday, and she did soo good!! Her dance was to Jingle bells, and boy was she a ham up there!! Ha ha! Molly and her friend Kate really knew how to shake there thing! They had the audience rolling!! She loves dancing and especially loves performing in front of people on a big stage!!! Way to go Molls you did great!

Shake it girl!!!Sorry so blurry I don't know what happened!

Shake it!!!

Molly in action.

Heel together, heel together. (molly always said that, while doing that part)

Thanks for coming Nana!!

And Papa Lonnie!

What more could a girl ask for Flowers....

And Chocolate!!!

A proud mommy moment!

Sawyer loved watching molly dance, he would start dancing everytime a new dance number came on!(Good thing because he is going to be dragged to a lot of these things growing up!)

Here's a family shot, (I think the kids are done taking pics!)