Thursday, May 8, 2008

What did I get myself into?

Remember a couple of posts back when I did the pay it forward challenge, Yeah anyways the point of the game is to keep having people pay it forward, then their 3 people pay it forward etc. Back to the point,you are suppose to make a homemade gift! I had all of these grand ideas to give my 3 people, but have just realized I am So Not Crafty!!! It looks easy and simple but when it gets into my hands some how I screw it up!!!
I decided how cute would it be to make fun planter pots with cute paper, and add some kind of cute flower. Sounds easy right
Example (looks cute from far away) (thanks Karen for the plant visual)

But up close hideous!!!

So here goes attempt number 2! I think I can be crafty, I think I can be crafty, I think I can be crafty!!!