Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lazy Me

Ok so I realize that my last post was, oh lets see here over a year ago, oops!! I really have no excuses besides me being a mom, being pregnant, and probablly the biggest excuse is, I have been down right lazy. So here is to a new start!!!

Being that I have insomnia now (due to this little girl in my tummy) I decided to start blogging again, so hopefully this time it sticks.

Today is sawyers 4th birthday party!!!! He actually turns 4 tomorrow November 4th, but hey today is a good today to have his party!!! He decided he wants to go to Chuck E Cheese, and to that I said GREAT!!!!! No mess at my house, no planning/decorating, etc. Though I do love planning birthday parties, this year it is nice to go the easy route(considering I am due in 2 weeks).
Once again I am playing the lazy card!!!!!

So hopefully today will be a fun day for my little man, and I will get some pictures up to show his big day!! :)