Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Molly's Dance Pictures!!

So Molly's big spring concert is this Saturday!! We had dance pictures yesterday, and all the little girlies looked so stinkin cute!!!
I was almost about to have a panic attack, when they told us that all the girls hair needed to be half up and really curly!!! WHAT!!! Have you seen my daughters hair lately? Needless to say I followed the orders at went to work curling Molly's hair with a tiny, tiny curling iron! About half way through I almost had a nervous breakdown her hair was going afro curl on me!! Oh no My daughter is going to look like Macey Grey!! When I got done, I smoothed out the curls with my magic potion (gloss drops), and off we went to her pictures!!! I think she looks pretty cute!!! Oh and her dance is to Shirley Temples "Baby take a bow"!! So I think her hair fits perfect!!

Molly and lily!! Cute cousins!!

Molly and Kate!!!

The back of the costumes!!! Isn't that bow adorable!!!

Molly, Kate and Elise!!! Cute friends!!!

I am so excited for the big performance!! Those costumes couldn't have turned out any cuter!!! So wish Molly good luck on her big show!! I know she will do great!!