Sunday, November 2, 2008

Molly preschool and dance halloween party!

Molly had a fun Halloween party at school! This is how she looked when I dropped her off...

Molly being a good sport, and posing for tons of pics!

Molly's preschool class. She is one of two girls in her class! Sometimes I feel bad for her, other times I think of it as a blessing!

And this is how she looked when I picked her up! You can't really tell but she stripped down to her tights, (luckily I put bloomers over her tights).!! I asked her why she took off her costume, and she said she was hot!! Ha Ha I can't believe they let her run around at school with just a tank, and tights on!! I was laughing so hard when I picked her up!!!

molly(Dorothy, Presley, and Kate(Ariel).

Molly and her dance class!

Happy Halloween!!!!

We had such a fun Halloween!! Tons of candy, yummy soup, good friends and family!! Who could ask for more?

So here we are straight from OZ! There is Dorothy, the tin man, the cowardly lion, and don't forget the lollipop kid!!!

Dorothy and her tin man!

How how I love my little lion!!!

The whole gang getting ready to get as much candy as possible!!!

Dorothy doing some spins.

Who knew Ariel and the cowardly lion were kissing buddies!

So another Halloween has come and gone, and can I tell you it is exhausting!! Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween, but by the time we get done, getting ready, running from work, to work, getting re-ready, to grandma's, to trick or treating, to handing out candy, I am ready for bed!!!