Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Witch Place!

I really wanted to take my kids up to Gardner's Village before Halloween, so I could get some cute pictures and have a fun time making some memories!! I told molly that we were going to "the witch place" (as she calls it ) and was so excited!! WE had a great time seeing the witches, riding the horses, and eating lunch! Until.... Dumb mommy decided to put sawyer in a high chair and didn't buckle him in. I'm sure you can all see where this is going. My sweet sawyer, fell out while I was grabbing something from the stroller, and landed straight on his head on to the tile floor. It was a loud hard hit! Oh I felt soooo bad!!!! Sawyer is a pretty tough boy, and usually only cries for about 30 seconds if he gets hurt. He cried for a good 15 minutes!!! So I knew he was really hurt!!! His eyes started rolling back, threw up and then after crying instantly got tired!! Oh my heart hurt so bad for him!!! I was so nervous he might have a concussion, so the whole way home I kept him awake by singing to him, and saying his name!! HE was not happy with me but by the time we got home, he started to feel better!!! so I gave him lots of loves and carried him around for a good couple hours until I thought it was O. K to let him take a nap!! He woke up happy as ever, and was ready to play!!! I am so sorry mommy was dumb !!! Besides That little scare we had a fun time!!!

This is as close as Molly would get to the witches!!!

Say Cheese!!!

My Diva!!!!

My little stud!!!

Sawyer on his horsey!

Molly riding Queen.

Molly picked this spot for a pic!

Molly took our picture!! She's not to bad is she!!!

A Fun Filled Day!!!!

Tonight we carved pumpkins with the neighbors and had tons of fun! Molly decided she wanted a dead throwing up pumpkin! So How can you say no to that!!!

Homemade gloves to get the "pumpkin guts out".

A good Ol' fashion neighborhood dig out!

Haylee, molly, and Ethan

Taa daa!! The finished product, a throwing up Jack-O-Lantern!!!