Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Witch Place!

I really wanted to take my kids up to Gardner's Village before Halloween, so I could get some cute pictures and have a fun time making some memories!! I told molly that we were going to "the witch place" (as she calls it ) and was so excited!! WE had a great time seeing the witches, riding the horses, and eating lunch! Until.... Dumb mommy decided to put sawyer in a high chair and didn't buckle him in. I'm sure you can all see where this is going. My sweet sawyer, fell out while I was grabbing something from the stroller, and landed straight on his head on to the tile floor. It was a loud hard hit! Oh I felt soooo bad!!!! Sawyer is a pretty tough boy, and usually only cries for about 30 seconds if he gets hurt. He cried for a good 15 minutes!!! So I knew he was really hurt!!! His eyes started rolling back, threw up and then after crying instantly got tired!! Oh my heart hurt so bad for him!!! I was so nervous he might have a concussion, so the whole way home I kept him awake by singing to him, and saying his name!! HE was not happy with me but by the time we got home, he started to feel better!!! so I gave him lots of loves and carried him around for a good couple hours until I thought it was O. K to let him take a nap!! He woke up happy as ever, and was ready to play!!! I am so sorry mommy was dumb !!! Besides That little scare we had a fun time!!!

This is as close as Molly would get to the witches!!!

Say Cheese!!!

My Diva!!!!

My little stud!!!

Sawyer on his horsey!

Molly riding Queen.

Molly picked this spot for a pic!

Molly took our picture!! She's not to bad is she!!!

A Fun Filled Day!!!!

Tonight we carved pumpkins with the neighbors and had tons of fun! Molly decided she wanted a dead throwing up pumpkin! So How can you say no to that!!!

Homemade gloves to get the "pumpkin guts out".

A good Ol' fashion neighborhood dig out!

Haylee, molly, and Ethan

Taa daa!! The finished product, a throwing up Jack-O-Lantern!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Preschool Pumpkin Land!!!

Molly had a fun day at her preschool Pumpkin land!!!! I was lucky to come along, and hang out with Molly, Sawyer and her cute friend sloane!!! The Kids had fun, going through the corn maze, playing in the pumpkin, seeing the animals, and getting a treasure to take home!!! To bad it was sooo cold outside otherwise it would have been the perfect day!!!

Hold hands so you don't get lost!!

Here were are at Pumpkin Land!!!

Here we go through the corn maze!! I hope we don't get lost!

Mom look at me!

Two of the cutest pumpkins I have ever seen!!

What better to play in then a huge Pumpkin!!!

Whee down the slippery slide!!!

Mom I am really cold!!!

Look at our treasures!!! Tiny pumpkins!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am Alive

I promise I am alive, my computer just got a huge virus, so I have been without for awhile!!! Thanks to a very friendly neighbor, my computer is now working better than ever so I will post soon(just to tired tonight)!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Molly you are too funny!!

Today we went to to dentist office, and molly got to pick out a movie to watch while they looked at her teeth. The assistant named a few movie choices, and Molly decided on Princess Diaries!! After the dental asst. left Molly gave me the weirdest look and said "did she say princess diarrhea!" Ha ha "no Molly she said princess diaries, not princess diarrhea".
Then on the way home I got totally cut off by dumb guy, and without thinking I muttered "Dou#% bag". Molly then said "Who is". Oops I tried to just let it go but then molly said "look mom he got out of the way, so now he's not a juice man"! Ha ha!!! I am so glad that's what she thought I said!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Violet

This is baby violet!! My mom's new Baby!! She is the runt of her pug litter and weighs only 2 lbs. My mom named her after my late grandma Violet(I asked if grandma would be o.k. with a dog named after her, and my mom said "I think grandma would have thought it was cute"! (Kids don't be getting any ideas!)
My mom, and Steve are in total doggy love with her!(Literally they are very posessive, They wanted to go out to eat last night, and I told them to leave her at my house, and they couldn't!)

Oohh look at that face!!!

Violet really is the tiniest thing I have ever seen!!! She is so dang cute!!!

A day at the fire station

Molly has been learning about policemen, and fire fighters this week at school. So what would be more perfect then a little after school field trip to the local fire station. It was actually pretty cool, they had a smoke house you could go in, and have to crawl out, the demonstrated the "jaws of life", they did a fire show, taught CPR, let the kids spray the fire hose, gave out free firemen hats, pencils, cotton candy, etc. All in all we had a good time, and picked up a couple of new skills! (here's hoping we never have to use them)

Here we are at the fire station....

My junior fire fighter!

Getting ready to watch the fire show! (free cotton candy,and popcorn never hurt either!)

Molly checkin out the ambulance

This is the fire fighters demonstration of how they put out fires! (this flame was seriously so high!!!)