Monday, June 30, 2008

Ten Year Reunion!!!

I had my ten year class reunion last Saturday, (yeah I know I'm old)!!! I can't even describe how much fun I had!!! It was so good too see all my high school alum and what they have been up to these past ten years!! We had it at riverside country club. There was dinner, program, dancing, and of course just a lot of socializing!!! Oh and I won $50 in cold hard cash!! I had a blast!! I am going to be brutally honest I felt so good and pretty with all the compliments that people were giving me!! Thanks everyone for Making me feel like a million bucks!!! I had so much fun reuniting with everyone, and can't wait to see everyone in another ten years!!
P.S. Thanks Craig for being the best date ever!!!

Me and the most handsome man(my date)Craig!!!

Us and our husbands!!

Me and my bro Josh!! Love ya bud!!!

Me and some of my peeps!

Kristin, Kristina, Katie, and me!

Melyna, Shannan and yours truly!

Wow Kristina's gettin frisky!!!

See Liz aren't you glad I made you come!! We had fun!!!

Me and Amy have been buddy's since 3rd Grade!!

Some of my guy friends!!!

I could not get this girl to stop talking!!! Ha Ha I told you I was going to post it!!

So blue steel don't you think?

Craig got a little too sloshed!! Ha Ha

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's tagging time!!!

10 years ago I was:
Just Graduated from high school, dating Craig and staying out way to late every night!! (poor Craig had to work at 5:30 a.m. and we would stay out at least until 2) We just couldn't stand saying goodbye!!

5 years ago I was:
Living in our condo. I owned Dallas Roberts Salon, and was stressed out constantly because people were always complaining about something (clients, shampoo, lights, other girls, etc!!(Girls are so caddy)

1 year ago I was:
sweating my guts out at girls camp!!! I didn't help that I was pregnant so I was even hotter than normal!!!

Yesterday I was in sunny California, Almost crying because I had to come back to reality, and Literally almost crying because I found the cutest distressed armoire and the lady said it was on hold, so I kept bugging her about it she finally called the man and he came and bought it right in front of me!!!AARRGGHH The worst part about it was it was at an anquie store so I can't find another Oh and the killer it was only $200!!!

5 favorite snacks:
Candy, chips, Cherry fresh lime, snow cones and brownies

5 favorite books:
Twilight, new moon, eclipse, Tell no one, secret life of bees

5 places to runaway to:
California, California, California, California, oh did I mention California!!!
I do love new york, and Mexico too!! Never been to the Caribbean, which I am sure I would love!!

5 bad habits:
applying lotion to my feet and hands too much, easy road rage,I make stashes around my house (sorry Craig), I kinda love to shop, eating when I am not hungry!!

5 things I would never wear:
I can never say never, because when I was little I told my mom I would never wear bell bottom jeans like her, and guess what I have!!

5 pet peeves:
boogers in kids noses (don't their mom's care), molly bugging sawyer!! Trying to get molly to take a time out and she throws things at the wall(while she is in their). Mom's who don't brush their kids hair!!(come on is it really that hard, I am not even asking you to do it, just brush out the snarls). People who stand way to close to you in lines. (you move up just to make room, and sure enough they scoot up so close that they are practically touching you!!)

5 things I enjoy:
silence, reading, watching my shows with no interruptions, parties, going to good new restaurants

5 favorite T.V. shows:
bachelor-ette, so you think you can dance, the hills, greys anatomy, lost, and amazing race!

5 people I would like to meet:
David and Victoria Beckham (he's hot she is hilarious), George clooney, Oprah, my new nephew beckham, a really rich dying aunt or uncle(Ha Ha)

5 people to tag: lacey, heather, katie, cecila, and melyna

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's in a surprise anyway?

So I being the greatest wife ever(o.k. well maybe only I think so), I love to try to create great, big, huge, surprises for my hubby!! But not matter how hard I try or how sneaky I think I am being, he ALWAYS finds out!!!!AARGH!!!!
Example 1: When were were dating I planned a fun filled day for his birthday, and some how he knew exactly what we were doing the entire day!!! Going to the zoo, then eating at hooters! Ha ha yeah I really did take him to hooters, and you should see what they do for birthdays!!! He was totally blushing, but in heaven at the same time!!
Example 2: For our 5 year anniversary I decided to fly us out to where it all started VIVA LAS VEGAS BABY!! (I being married to him for 5 years now knew that he would try to find out what present he was getting , where we were going etc.) So I was very sneaky and bought the plane tickets on our American Express Making sure that the last statement already came, and that there were no purchases on our card, that would make him check our statement! Anyways long story short, He just randomly got online and checked the bill(remind you there were NO purchases on there)and of course found the plane tickets!!!!
Example 3: For Christmas I bought him a new GPS system, and I even created a new account on the computer, when buying it!! But of course he randomly just happens to find the web site I was on and my account popped up, once again he just had to find out and spoiled yet another surprise!!!
Example 4: (This just happened yesterday hence the reason for the post)
He has had is eye on a remote control airplane, so I (best wife) decide to get him one for fathers day!! But as most of you probably don't know they are expensive little buggers!!!
So I checked EBay, Craigslist, and low and behold on KSL, I found one!!! Hooray!! The only thing, I have to pick it up. Once agian I try to be sneaky, and wait until I knew he would be gone, and arrange a pick up via text messaging just in case!! So The morning after I got it, Craig wakes me up by saying, "Who can't make it tonight" half asleep I say "What" He replies "He will not be able to meet you tonight, But I can meet you after work" AARGh !!! He read my text messages With Mr. Secret Airplane man, and once again ruined the surprise!!! So After 8 years I still have to say no matter how sneaky I think I am, Craig is so much more, and will always find out!!! AARGH!!!!

Do any of you have people in your lives you cannot surprise no matter how hard you try?