Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Violet

This is baby violet!! My mom's new Baby!! She is the runt of her pug litter and weighs only 2 lbs. My mom named her after my late grandma Violet(I asked if grandma would be o.k. with a dog named after her, and my mom said "I think grandma would have thought it was cute"! (Kids don't be getting any ideas!)
My mom, and Steve are in total doggy love with her!(Literally they are very posessive, They wanted to go out to eat last night, and I told them to leave her at my house, and they couldn't!)

Oohh look at that face!!!

Violet really is the tiniest thing I have ever seen!!! She is so dang cute!!!

A day at the fire station

Molly has been learning about policemen, and fire fighters this week at school. So what would be more perfect then a little after school field trip to the local fire station. It was actually pretty cool, they had a smoke house you could go in, and have to crawl out, the demonstrated the "jaws of life", they did a fire show, taught CPR, let the kids spray the fire hose, gave out free firemen hats, pencils, cotton candy, etc. All in all we had a good time, and picked up a couple of new skills! (here's hoping we never have to use them)

Here we are at the fire station....

My junior fire fighter!

Getting ready to watch the fire show! (free cotton candy,and popcorn never hurt either!)

Molly checkin out the ambulance

This is the fire fighters demonstration of how they put out fires! (this flame was seriously so high!!!)