Tuesday, March 3, 2009

32 things I love about Craig!!!

Happy Birthday Babe!!! I love you soooooo much!! Thanks for all you do for our little family.
Here are just 32 reasons I love you!!!

1. You have a very caring personality
2. Your family is the most important thing.
3. I love how your face lights up when we visit you at work.
4. I love how you take care of our kids when they are sick.
5. I love how you are always up for an adventure!
6. I love that you get teary when you see a fly over.
7. I love to listen to your laugh, when you are laughing soo hard!
8. I love that you take pride in the things you own.
9. You make the best grilled cheese sandwiches.
10. You have the best sense of humor.
11. You are kind to everyone.
12. Everyone only has nice things to say about you.
13. You love playing ball with Sawyer.
14. You always smell good.
15. You always have good breath too.
16. I love how excited you get when we finally land in California.
17. You are very smart.
18. You are very motivated at anything you do, you never cut corners, and always finish what ever you started(work, cleaning, jeeps, goals)etc.
19. I love that you always pull the "Chandler Bing smile" when ever the camera comes out!
20. I love how patriotic you are!
21. You look really hot in your new jeep.
22. You spoil me!
23. You spoil the kids!
24. I love how much love and respect you have for your mom, dad, and siblings.
25. You can take a joke!
26. I love the music you listen to.
27. If we were lost, I know that you could help us find our way out, you are like (survivior man)!
28. You are the best "lost" watching companion ever!
29. You are perfect for me!
30. You are handsome.
31. You are the best husband, and dad in the entire world!
32. You are the one and only person that I want to grow old with!!!!!!!

I Love you!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!