Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My favorite things swap!!

I signed up to do Mamarazzi's favorite things swap again, And I was not disappointed!! I was paired up with the darling Noelle, and it turns out we love a lot of the same things!! SCORE!!!!

I looked in the mail and what did I see... A fun little package waiting for me!!!!

Wonder what I got?

Molly and Sawyer were so excited to open up all the loot!!!

A frame, necklace, scarf, crackers(new love), face wash (made my skin feel so refreshed, body scrub, magazine, Yummy smelling candles, wood polish wipes, Fun spring colored nail polish, note pad (for all my to do lists), and chocolate(Yummy new 3 musketeers truffle crisp)!!!! Yea I am in Heaven right now!! :)

All My Goods!!!

I love everything, thanks so much Noelle, you are a doll!!! :) You are my kinda girl, so I hope to keep in touch for a long, long time!!!!