Monday, June 30, 2008

Ten Year Reunion!!!

I had my ten year class reunion last Saturday, (yeah I know I'm old)!!! I can't even describe how much fun I had!!! It was so good too see all my high school alum and what they have been up to these past ten years!! We had it at riverside country club. There was dinner, program, dancing, and of course just a lot of socializing!!! Oh and I won $50 in cold hard cash!! I had a blast!! I am going to be brutally honest I felt so good and pretty with all the compliments that people were giving me!! Thanks everyone for Making me feel like a million bucks!!! I had so much fun reuniting with everyone, and can't wait to see everyone in another ten years!!
P.S. Thanks Craig for being the best date ever!!!

Me and the most handsome man(my date)Craig!!!

Us and our husbands!!

Me and my bro Josh!! Love ya bud!!!

Me and some of my peeps!

Kristin, Kristina, Katie, and me!

Melyna, Shannan and yours truly!

Wow Kristina's gettin frisky!!!

See Liz aren't you glad I made you come!! We had fun!!!

Me and Amy have been buddy's since 3rd Grade!!

Some of my guy friends!!!

I could not get this girl to stop talking!!! Ha Ha I told you I was going to post it!!

So blue steel don't you think?

Craig got a little too sloshed!! Ha Ha