Tuesday, January 27, 2009

birthday party planning!

I am planning a huge surprise birthday party for my mom who is turning 60!!! I need suggestions/ideas on entertainment, ice breakers, party gifts, etc. If you have any fun out of the box ideas will you please let me know!! Oh and remember it is a surprise!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Eve

We had another great New Years Eve!!! This year the host and hostess were the wonder Robisons!!! There was tons O good food, Games (He he), and friends!!! Thanks For a fun night, and here's hoping everyone has a wonderful New Year!!!

The Girls!!!

Most of the kids!!!

Sorry Boy's I forgot to take a good picture of all of you!

Sawyer was as happy as a clam with his balloon

Wouldn't be a true new year without a meltdown from Molly!

Finally figured out how to make it work and the meltdown was over.

Oh no our party got a little out of control, and officer friendly had to come over to crack some skulls!

Happy New Years!!!

(Do you love how it looks like I have to strangle Craig to get a kiss)

Oh no we are getting a little tipsy :)

They are beyond tipsy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had another wonderful Christmas eve! We headed over to Craig's mom's house, for yummy food, bingo, Santa and most importantly family!!! We had so much fun!! Thanks Bana for always making this night so special:)

Sawyer and his Bana

Waiting for the food, yummy:)

Chow time!

Craig and I

Me, and my beautiful nieces Kayla and Lindy

Sawyer doesn't really know if he likes Santa

Molly telling Santa what she wants

Sawyer does like Santa's stash of oranges.

Bana and Santa (Grandpa Dan better Watch out);)

More pics from Christmas Eve

Our little fam - one where's molly?

Sawyer, Craig and his brother Rick.

Craig and his sister Nicole

Craig and his pops!

Molly getting her bingo board ready.

Molly and lily listening to a Christmas story (not cooperating)

Molly and her cousin Tessa.

Molly and her cousin lily with their new dolls!

We get to open one present Christmas eve... Jammies