Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun at trafalga!

We had a fun time at trafalga the other day with our little family!! Sawyer was in heaven, because there were soo many balls to take!! (Not just our families but everyone else golfing too!!) Oops sorry!! Good thing he is little or we might of had to roll up our sleeves to defend our thief!!

They changed the look of trafalga, it is now all "under the sea" themed and dark, so sawyer had his share of spills over ever bump on every green!

Our pro putter! She has a unusual technique of as we call it the"drag to the hole" but hey it works every time!!

Here is our family trying to cheat the system!! Nothing like teaching them when they are young!! Ha Ha


Ellery said...

sawyer looks so into it!! that is so cute! and molly's technique sounds good to me, i might try that next time. gotta love the toilet on the last hole! indi loves miniature golfing and she is freakishly good. it's funny. we will have to go check out the new under water trafalga!

Lacey said...

Looks like you had a great time. You guys are so good at getting out and having fun as a family! The kiddos are just too cute!

Nicole said...

When Craig was little all I had to say to him was "Trafalga" and he would pee his pants. I'm serious, it worked every time--it was awesome!! I hope that still doesn't happen.

Harrison said...

Looks like fun. I don't think we've been miniature golfing since before we got married. (I think it's a happy valley dating requirement though). You have inspired me to go again. Maybe next time we're there the 4 of us can go.

Cecilia said...

Sounds like fun! I want to take my kiddos there so I can teach them while they are young :)

Haskins said...

That is so fun!! We took our kids there too and Maddi was really good but I was chasing McKay everywhere!! It was a lot more work for me!! But its the memories right? Super cute pictures!