Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Eve

We had another great New Years Eve!!! This year the host and hostess were the wonder Robisons!!! There was tons O good food, Games (He he), and friends!!! Thanks For a fun night, and here's hoping everyone has a wonderful New Year!!!

The Girls!!!

Most of the kids!!!

Sorry Boy's I forgot to take a good picture of all of you!

Sawyer was as happy as a clam with his balloon

Wouldn't be a true new year without a meltdown from Molly!

Finally figured out how to make it work and the meltdown was over.

Oh no our party got a little out of control, and officer friendly had to come over to crack some skulls!

Happy New Years!!!

(Do you love how it looks like I have to strangle Craig to get a kiss)

Oh no we are getting a little tipsy :)

They are beyond tipsy!


Tiffany Wilson said...

I have to pretty much tackle my husband to get a kiss too! And now that I think about it, I didn't even get a New Year's kiss! :(

I've recently decided that you and I need to be real friends, instead of just blogstalkers. Especially if you've got the rockin' parties all the time! :)

Tiff said...

Oh man I am scared of those tipsy pics that is some serious blackmail material. Thanks for the party it was good times!

Cecilia said...

Sounds like tons of fun! I love the tipsy pics :) You're crack me up girl!!!

Robyn said...

Man, do we know how to have fun or what? It was another fun year! Love you guys! Even though you put our tipsy perve pictures on! Oh well, you can't deny what we really are right? And thats why we are all such good friends!:)

Collin Loni and CY said...

LOVE that last pic!! Looks like fun! Happy New Years!!

Kayla R. said...

HA HA Ha!!! you guys are hillarious:) Love the last pic*

Marianne Martin said...

Crap, I only got to sit and watch Impy's Island with Jack for New Years. I'm glad you guys had fun!

The Harrisons said...

Looks fun & I love Sawyers long hair. Too bad we couldn't hang out more while we were there. Hope Molly is feeling better!

Cami said...

jess you know how to party girl!! luv the breakdown pic of molly because i can totally related...lucy was walking around naked at our new year's eve party for sometime before i even realized it...she was slightly drunk with fatigue!!! always luv your post! cami

Kass Martin said...

What a fun night. I love the swimsuits from your girls night. I am laughing outloud. I would have loved to sport one of those puppies. You are so skinny: toned arms, tiny legs...I love your new bed too. Super cute and nice.

Tiffany and Shane Speakman said...

Hey jess, it was so good to see you too!!! You look great by the way! You're so pretty! and your kidos are adorable!!! I cant wait for our little guy and to have more!!! See ya around! Tiff