Sunday, November 2, 2008

Molly preschool and dance halloween party!

Molly had a fun Halloween party at school! This is how she looked when I dropped her off...

Molly being a good sport, and posing for tons of pics!

Molly's preschool class. She is one of two girls in her class! Sometimes I feel bad for her, other times I think of it as a blessing!

And this is how she looked when I picked her up! You can't really tell but she stripped down to her tights, (luckily I put bloomers over her tights).!! I asked her why she took off her costume, and she said she was hot!! Ha Ha I can't believe they let her run around at school with just a tank, and tights on!! I was laughing so hard when I picked her up!!!

molly(Dorothy, Presley, and Kate(Ariel).

Molly and her dance class!


Ellery said...

such cute pics!! that is hilarious about school! i love it, bloomers and all! you guys always have the best costumes, you will love having all your cute pictures. i wish i was better.

Haskins said...

That is so cute!! IT is so fun to dress up! Glad she had fun!