Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Preschool Pumpkin Land!!!

Molly had a fun day at her preschool Pumpkin land!!!! I was lucky to come along, and hang out with Molly, Sawyer and her cute friend sloane!!! The Kids had fun, going through the corn maze, playing in the pumpkin, seeing the animals, and getting a treasure to take home!!! To bad it was sooo cold outside otherwise it would have been the perfect day!!!

Hold hands so you don't get lost!!

Here were are at Pumpkin Land!!!

Here we go through the corn maze!! I hope we don't get lost!

Mom look at me!

Two of the cutest pumpkins I have ever seen!!

What better to play in then a huge Pumpkin!!!

Whee down the slippery slide!!!

Mom I am really cold!!!

Look at our treasures!!! Tiny pumpkins!!!!


luke & sammy said...

Sawyer is huge!! I love the picture of Molly showing her pumpkin. So cute!

Cecilia said...

We were just there last week and loved it...But it was way too cold!!!

I love the pics!

Robyn said...

Its so nice to have you back to the blogging and computer world! I have missed you so much!:) Looks like pumpkin land Rocked! Glad you guys had fun!

Haskins said...

That is so cute!! It is always so fun to go on little field trips like that and see your kids with their class mates! So cute!