Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tagged Again!!!

The tagging fairy has been making it's rounds, and it bit me again!!!!
So here it goes!!!

Ten years ago I was...

A senior in high school!! I thought I was so cool!!! It is so funny how big and hot shot you were when you were a senior!! I was dating craig!!! Yes I know what you are thinking Craig really did rob the cradle!!! FYI When craig was a freshman, I was across the street at edgemont elementay I was a sixth grader!!!

List of things to do today....

Go with my mom to get a pedicure.
Buy some bobby pins and give them back to the co-worker I borrowed them from.
Clean my house!!!!
Fold laundry!!!!
Go to young womens tonight
Call my young women and remind them of tonight
Figure out what I am making for dinner, and recipe club.
Blow dry my hair (probally won't happen)
Get off this computer, so I can acomplish this list!!

3 bad habits

Make stashes in corners all over my house!!

Keep old clothes that I will never wear again!! (I am proud to say I did just clean out my closet, But there is still alot more I could get rid of.)

Apply lotion at multiple times a night every time I get out of my bed(I cannot go to sleep without a fresh slab of lotion on my feet and hands!)

Places I have worked

Juice crew
Chevy's fresh mex
Laquinta Inn (maid)(gag me now)
suzy m's
Allyses bridal
Dallas Roberts salon

5 Things you don't know about me

I hate corn dogs and watermelon!!! Yuck!!!
I Love toaster struddels!!! I never buy them because I would eat all of them at once!!
I can't live without salt!!! I salt everything!!
I get migrine headaches!!! So does craig. Our poor kids, They got cursed from both sides!
I can cry like a baby!! Let me rephrase that... I can sound like a baby crying!!

O. K. now I am tagging, Lacey, mykelle, cami, lindy, and karen


Tiffany said...

I know these tags are so annoying but I love them because you do learn a few things about each other! I love that you were playing on the play ground when Craig was in Highschool it just sounds so demented!!! Way to go Craig.

Kayla R. said...

ha ha I did not know that you were a maid there, that is awesome:)

Karen said...

Don't worry, Derek robbed the cradle too! There is definitely something great about older men!:)

Brianne said...

I remember how bad you smelt up the whole house after coming home from work at Chevy's!! Love your guts!

Jessica G. said...

Okay, next time I see ya, I wanna hear the baby cry... :)