Wednesday, January 9, 2008

100% GIRL

As most of you know Molly is 100% Girl!! If it is pink, Lacy, sparkly, glittery, etc, you know Molly will love it! Well I was getting ready and Molly had been quiet for longer than usual(nothing good happens when kids are quiet for long periods of time). I walked into the bathroom and discovered Molly in all her glory applying my makeup!!

I told her to stay there while I got my camera, but I guess she got embarrassed!

Then she tired to hide in our bed, and got makeup all over! But I guess you know what they say "A girl has always got to look her best".

Well this is my daughter for you,100% GIRL. I do have to give her credit she used all the right makeup in the right spots!! Now we just need to work on portion control!!


Kayla said...

ha ha ha I love it:) that is so funny. OK so they were so cute at dance and cheer yesterday* I video taped all of it!!

Jessica G. said...

Love it! I can't remember how many times I got caught playing with my mom's makeup. My poor daughter probably doesn't know what makeup is...I call it my "warpaint."